In this episode Thom is hoping he can save a pizza delivery from a ravenous dog, EmmyLou returns to playing larp and Rob has another one of his theories…


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Kids in Larp Update
Why is fantasy larp so popular?
Empire Larp


Kids in Larp Update – A couple of days before this show we launched a fact finding campaign to find the larps the best supported children and the best practises in doing so. Rob has an update on the early response. We’re holding this open for a while so we pull in the widest possible range of information. In the meantime this is where it started:


Why is fantasy larp so popular but sci-fi larp is not? Rob has a theory about an escape from technology. However the rest of team have their own ideas..

Empire Larp- Emmylou is back from the Empire event of the last weekend. (Friday September 16th). She has a report on the event from her point of view as a player. We also descend into a general chat about Fest events.


Neothera Saga Day Adventure 2 – A Pilfering Of Papers
10 December at 9:00–17:00
Woodbury Common: 50.654627,-3.358640
Facebook Link

Age of Aether Event 2 (Steam Punk)
Macifaria Games
October 14th to October 16th 2016
Link to site

The year is 2045, according to most people in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. It is two days after the yearly market of Hindersmäss in Örebro, and at the settlement of Rifall a lot of travelers pass by these days. Vinterland takes place two and a half years after the larp Landsväg. You are welcome to bring your Landsväg character back to life again at Vinterland.

2017-02-10 @ 17:00
2017-02-12 @ 12:00
450SEK – 1800SEK
Link to site

Gulag Pt 3: The Others
December 9 @ 8:00 pm – December 11 @ 3:00 pm
2026 – Prologue
Location: Eastern Bloc, in what was once Georgia.
It’s been over a decade since the world collapsed, and only 3 months since the fall of the Gulags in the region. The Others came from the South, and overran 13 Gulags in two days. One by one the radios went silent; the screams and voices lost to the winds…
Link to site



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