Not so long ago we were asked the question – are there any child friendly events in the UK? Well yes there are, but thinking about that question made us realise that there are few resources that will help parents figure-out which events are best to bring their children to. We also realised that it might be a good idea to ask the children what they actually want.

So this is the idea. We want to do two things. Firstly lets build that list of events that are child friendly – and lets add to that context of what is actually done for children. And then in addition lets look at children in larp, and work with others to figure out what are the best practises are for including kids in games. Maybe we can bring that learn from each other so that more events can include elements for children.

Lets start with talking to a family that larps about both what the children and parents want:


Now you know what we are talking about and what is needed.

So how do you get this information to us? We’ve built a form for that. Please fill this in with as much detail as possible. We will build a reference list of larps and what they do for the younglings and also a resource for larp organisers that shares these ideas out.

Now this is starting as a UK centric project. Only in so much as we are in the UK. However this is a big topic and we’d like to open it up to all countries. Please respond wherever you are and lets see what we can all do to help each other.

Thank you

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