In this episode Emmylou Laird from Curious Pastimes brings us more insight into large larp operations. Rob reveals a secret and Thom wants to hide behind a shield.

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Talking Points in This Show

Since this episode comes hot on the heels of our major larping outings in August we decided to focus 3 conversations rather than loading in other elements. So here we go

Emmylou Laird made her second appearance in this episode and has accepted an invitation to appear more regularly. Specifically the conversation talked about the back room staff at Curious Pastimes and the work they do to make the game really work well. It’s also clear that the players themselves really look after the game and its environment. Since Stu, Thom and myself normally play smaller games (for a variety of reasons), this proved to be particularly interesting. It also looks like we’ll using our recent visit to Curious Pastimes as a springboard back to larger events – particularly CP as it seems to fit our personal needs.

We also discussed this article from Elin Dalstal at  It sets out the importance of making sure players understand that protecting their own health at a larp is a primary concern. Taking a break in a larp can be challenging (you mostly do not want to stop), but at times it is essential. We look at examples from our own pasts. Stu and Myself use my own disability issues as a means to dig deeper and more personally into this.

Finally we talked about Balrog games 10th anniversary event. How it was, a little of what went on and compared a small personal larp to a larger fest style game. Thom who attended the anniversary event provides us more detail on the game played out and the outcome for the players. Sounds like it had a dark ending.



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The image for this show was taken by Rob Davies and shows Curious Pastimes crew taking a well deserved break,

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