Contact Name: Larp Adventure Program

Contact Email: [email protected]

Group Name: Legends of the Stars

Group Website:

Describe Your Game Genre:

A nordic larp space opera, taking place on a battleship, influenced by Star Wars.

Who Creates Characters: A Combination of Both

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters?: None At All

How Long Has the Group Been Running For?: 14 Years

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?:

We run workshops for everyone and we are running a single play event. Legend of the Stars will not be a campaign larp.

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like?: We run events year round for all ages. We have 100 members.

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites?: Camp sites or specialized themed locations.

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work:

We are committed to bringing world class larps to the community to create a life changing environment. We have been successfully delivering on that goal for the last 10 years

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