Recently we’ve talked about HEMA a little bit on Facebook and in the Podcast. You may be wondering why and I think this video will help. The first 2 minutes are mostly preamble – the action really starts just after the 2 minute mark. Here the actors are seen portraying medieval sword fighting techniques.

If you watch this video you’ll images used from actual sword play manuals edited into the action. From this I picked up on a couple of points. First of all actual medieval fighting doesn’t look anything like larp combat and secondly if we look at how Hollywood has portrayed European sword fights over the years; well that needs some revision too.

Now I am not saying we can implement these techniques in larp. Far too many head blows, thrusts and throws for that.

What I am suggesting that as larpers working in worlds where swords are common then perhaps we should look at these techniques and think about ways that we can enliven the larp battle. Adding new ideas always freshens things up. It adds inspiration into the mix; and it doesn’t matter if those ideas are 700 years old. They still count. So take a look at these and see if you can come up with some moves that will add a little something extra to your next fight.


The image used in this post comes from Wikimedia



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