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Patrick from Hema Cast is here!
A Short Discussion about Bows
Old Town Looks Fun

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Talking Points

HEMA Interview and discussion with Patrick from the HEMA-CAST Instructor for L’Arte Della Bellica

You can learn at more about HEMA in your area from:

If you’re interested in historic fighting texts:

Hema-Cast can be found by searching in Google or your favourite podcast software (just try hemacast to save a ‘-‘). Or Follow this Link to the Facebook Page

I found a post on Reddit asking questions about Bows so to the team – what do you look for in a bow?  (apparently the answer involves wood and string)…

Oldtown Festival
Proof that a fest larp does not have to be fantasy

And if you follow the link you’ll see that it really does look good.



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Gniales – French LARP Convention
October 29th – 30th – Paris

Nexus 6

NEXUS-6 is a larp about paranoïa and comradeship in a hopeless, totalitarian war. In a nutshell, it’s “Blade Runner” meets “Stalingrad”
August 19-21 2016 and August 26-28 2016.



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