Profile A Larp

At LARPBook we are very keen for LARP groups and clubs to become known. This why we are introducing profiles. The idea is very simple. Imagine someone is thinking about coming to one of your events for the very first time. What should they know? Also some has to choose between to clubs running events on the same day. They haven’t been to either before, which one do they choose.

To participate in LARP Profiles just complete the form. We’ll then get in touch with you regarding photographs. We’d like to do a good gallery of images for each profile – once we have your basic details we’ll get in touch regarding the best way to get photos to us.

The Form

When you are filling out this form you need to bear  in mind that this form is help new players gain an opinion of your group. This means that you should put openness and honesty above trying to gain more players at your events.




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