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In this episode Stu asks questions, Rob is getting over being childrens entertainer and Pete appears as if by magic.

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Special Guest

Emmylou from Curiosu Past Times


Curious Pastimes! an Interview with EmmyLou

Learn more about Curious Pastimes at:  or

In 2016 Curious Pastimes is celebrating its 20th year of Larping!


The Wilderness Centre is awesome!

Rob have Stu have returned from the Wilderness Centre Open Day and the good news is that the Gloucestershire site is back up and running.


Larp and Gender!

Talking about a larp based on gender expectations


From Chat to Show

Pete jumps from the Chat room to the show to talk about his first day at Fools and Heroes.


LARPBook is Searching for a presenter

We’re looking for another presenter. If you’d like to regularly be on the show contact us – on [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.



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