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When you can’t larp (Tabletop Games)

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Hero Quest Larp
The Path of Truth
From Tuesday, 11 August 2015 – 17:00
To Sunday, 16 August 2015 – 13:00
Every day
Location Candleston

“With scores of Goblinoids freed from the yokes of Saldorian oppressors by Valley actions in Wind Moon the scale of the problem has become all too apparent.
Reports of thousands of Goblinoids having being absorbed in the Saldorian enclave are being collated into actionable intelligence. This is being aligned with requests (some might say demands) from the Thessessin and the Wizards Concillium to investigate accusations of slavery and coercion by the Saldorians and the recovery of any of their people that may be held within Saldorian lands. The Thessessin in particular claim that the number of their people currently missing is hampering their efforts in calming the waterways following the cataclysm.

HypoPathetical Help

I finished making a chainmail shirt a few months ago, and it fits me like a glove if I do say so myself. However, when I try to pull it over my gambeson (which is quite thin and lightweight, on account of it being summer,) I find that it catches on every buckle, every seam and everything else along the way. In fact, I need a whole second person to help pull the hauberk into place, lest it just stay up around my nipples like the world’s least effective water ring.
So, I was wondering if I was alone in this regard. Does anyone else need help getting into their armour, or has anyone had to send their squire for the breastplate stretcher?


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