In this episode Google gets the time wrong, there is a great interview with 3 of the wonderful people from larps the series, we talk about cooking gnomes and recommend a good sauce for Elf meat.

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Good people from Larps the series

  • Jon Verral
  • Benjamin Warner
  • Elizabeth Neale
  • Discussing the growth of LARPs the series and some tasty titbits about series 2.
    (we’re still jealous of Will Wheaton)

    Woohoo! Thanks for having us :
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    Events Section

    A Sound Mind –
    Cthulhu adventure set in 1922 being held on the 20th November at Oakraven Field Centre


    Opened this week –  an auction site for LARP
    We’ve had some issues opening the site – but like the idea.

    This Years Thing:
    Building a cool  thing for the Huntley Wood LARP centre – each year the old thing is dismantled and a new one built – to keep the location fresh and cool

    HypoPathetical Help

    Chris from Macclesfield writes:

    Hi Larpbook crew, I was wondering if any of you had some top tips on how to BBQ gnomes?
    Licking my lips in anticipation.

    This includes a good discussion on how to prepare a gnome for your culinary delight

    Thank you 😉

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