Episode 8 Sunday 17th May 2015

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Starting Announcement

Today is LARP Appreciation Day: http://larpday.altervista.org/


Larp Camping guide

    1. Discussion
    2. Talking about the different types of tents, beds, stoves etc that might be useful when going to a camping event
    3. Some safety tips, do’s and don’ts for the larper doing this for the first time
    4. Do we think the ban that many large music festivals have on gas canisters will ever reach larp events?

Events Section

Stargate Event 40 – Counting Stars

June 19 – June 21

Hebden Hey Scout Centre
Hardcastle Crags, HX7 7AW Hebden Bridge
£65 each
25 player spaces will open on Saturday.
Limited Tickets as there is a membership system in force so check the Facebook page and booking system


The Neverland LARP Sitcom has released its Pilot Episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8QkcijybCU&feature=youtu.be



HypoPathetical Help

Dear larpbook,

Each Wednesday I have to travel to Birmingham and back which is around 3 1/2 hours but you only do 1 podcast a fortnight. I have listened to all of them now and I’m in danger of having to interact socially with other travellers. How can this be avoided?

Worried of Hereford

Additional if we have time

Message from Jeremy Springfield

You seemed very interested in finding mechanics to add to you larp system. I’ve been thinking about writing a handbook for hit location larp. Which is a reduction in scope of the original idea, write a 4x larp (just for fun). Maybe there would be more value in recording the Hit Location Tradition we played it. Is that something that you would be interested in?

  1. What rules are you the most interested in?
  2. What problems are you running into with your current system?
  3. Is there anything in particular that causes constant problems either in game, or out of game?
  4. What would be something amazing and fun that isn’t being done in this style of larp?

If I make this a solitary pursuit, with no external input, I’ll probably lose steam. But for an audience…

Thank you 😉

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