It’s time to talk about the continuing developments in LARPBook, and I’ll start with the podcast.

The podcast seems to have a dedicated following and so we’ll be continuing to add episodes and to make it easier to download or stream.

We’ve just added Soundcloud on as a distribution point for the podcast. You can find us at:

At the moment we have 2 episodes available on Soundcloud and we’ll make sure that all new episodes are uploaded as and when they become available.

Now it’s time to talk about the LARPBook website. Regular readers may have noticed a decrease in the rate of posting recently. This has nothing to do with any lack of commitment in case you are worried. It is far more to do with the fact that I am looking to write longer and deeper articles for the site. The knock on effect of this is fewer articles.  When I say trying to write bigger articles that does not mean to say that we’ll not be doing quick videos, comments or events. All of these things are very important to LARPBook. It just means that there will periods of low activity and periods of high activity. I hope the result if pleasing to you. If not please let me know via the feedback forms or Facebook page. One thing that myself or any or the editorial team will always do is listen to our readers and listeners views.

We are still hoping to encourage more writers. So if you’d like to write about LARP please get in touch. We have a section on the website about writing for us at: if you’d like more information.

I’d also love to see more event information. If you have an event you’d like to plug please use our contact forms at:   to register a larp event with us

or  – if you are running an event and looking for more crew

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