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Liz Blakeman  –  Twilight Realms and LT Roman

How did you start?

Tom Hegarty – New Larper

How did you start?

Thomas Busby – New Larper

How did you start?

What’s it like to be a runner of games and to start to LARP – a comparison and discussion

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Announce Patreon Page

A Request for Empire photos and feedback

20 – 22nd November  announced as date for  next TR event

For easter fun

Nordic LARP Generator

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Call out for crew and players

Within A Dark Forest

HypoPathetical Help

Question from Thomas Busby

Howdy guys.  It’s Tom (Twink Fiddlesworth the Third from balrog) and I have a problem against a monster.  This awfully cunning monster is somewhat a problem for myself.  I can only describe him as a retarded monkey coming at me with swords.  (Luke will know it well ;) )  I try and fight but he must have some sort of chaotic evil magic as I’m paralysed with laughter.  How can I defeat this foul abomination?!!!!

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Liz Blakeman Tom Hegarty & Thomas Busby

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