It looks as if I’m going to taking off sometime next year. I’ve been chatting – and by this I really meaning plotting with a group of TV SF fans to bring LARP to SF fandom. Nothing new there really as most Larpers I’ve ever met have been fans of Science Fiction (and also Fantasy, Action and horror).  Although the game itself will be open to existing Larpers the big hope is to use Larp as to extend the possibilities of fan group and cos-players activities.

So what I’m talking about is not a revolution – but new series of games that draws on the worlds broadcast science fiction to create something that is fun.

The hope is that the first event will run in March 2015.

The likelihood is that it will use the Larpbook  Open Source LARP Rules system – (beta due out in a couple of weeks), and be set as a small game for 25 – 30 people. The one thing I am hoping to due to chart it’s development in LARP Book to see if the process of building a game will be of interest to people looking to create their own LARPs for the first time.

That’s the plan. More coming in what I hope will be a fun building of a larp series.

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