Social media is a wonderful thing. A request to pictures on Facebook led to a conversation with Tommy Brown of Neothera SAGA LARP. Not only did he supply some marvellous photos but also a sterling article that beautifully introduces his new system.

Here it is:

Based in a medieval, high fantasy setting with Steampunk elements, the
rift to the world of the Neothera Saga is due to open in Devon, United
Kingdom in 2015. This new system promises to provide our participants
with an authentic and realistic game-world that they can fully immerse
themselves in, with a high focus on plot, living history and player led
actions. The player characters will be thrown into a fantastical world
where war is once again upon the horizon. Their very actions will shape
the destiny of the lands, be it for better or worse!

The main reason for starting the system was to bring like-minded
individuals together to poor their creativity into a project that they
are passionate about. In the grand scheme of things we are fairly new to
the Larp scene; however everything about it has made perfect sense to us
since we first stepped into this territory: The way the rules work, the
improvisation in-character, how plot is written and shaped by the
players, the costume and prop making, even down to the admin work. It is
something that we excel at and want to invite both newbies and veterans
to join us as system plunges into action in 2015.

We have met a lot of people along the way who are eager to get Larping
but have never really known how or where to get involved, furthermore,
being apprehensive about learning a massive amount of rules, running
around dressed-up and bopping monsters with foam weapons, can seem a
disconcerting prospect for some. We hope that we can encourage our
Larpers-to-be to get involved and find something they really love doing
as we originally did, it’s all about making that initial jump into an
unknown world, and who knows, once you’ve landed you may not want to

The Neothera Saga is actually a family-run system, with my fiancé, dad
and cousin on the staff team. We hope to create an immersive game-world,
characters and plot lines that will enrapture and sometimes terrify the
players! We’re using a fairly basic rules system that allows for
fast-paced combat and creative game-play for any type of player
regardless of their experience or roleplaying abilities. Players can
choose from a wide number of colourful races and kingdoms, ranging from
mischievous Piskies, rowdy pirates, tribes of cannibals to dapper,
Steampunk ‘chaps’ and ‘chapesses’.

The Neothera family was previously involved with a system in the past
that saw players come and go frequently (mainly due to the attitude of
the management) and we always thought, hey, we can do this better! So,
we’ve learned a lesson from a poor system and picked up some good
pointers from other more established ones, we’ve mixed in our own brand
of creative madness and have almost finished producing something we hope
will become popular with new and old Larpers alike. It’s all coming
together nicely; it’s been a labour of love but a hell of a lot of fun
to work on so far. We hope those who attend our events have a great time
and we welcome anyone who wants to get involved in any shape or form.

Thanks for your interest in Neothera Saga LARP. Why not check out our
below to keep up to date with exciting Neothera Saga news, additional
information on the system and up and coming events.

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The credits for this piece are

Article Text: Tommy Brown

Photography: Hannah Hackett and Neothera Saga LARP.


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