The first list of cool links was well received and it strikes me that continuing to list useful, fun and cool collections of larping links may be both fun and useful.

In fact I have a strong feeling that this going to turn into an ongoing series.

So lets get started with this collection of 3.

This comes from Alexs Larp Secrets. Its part of series – but actually a good place to start as this one looks at costume inspiration, colour co-ordination and costume evolution. Developing kit and the look and feel of a character and can be a bit daunting, so something like this that looks at developing a characters clothes could be really useful.

Its Nordic Larp time again. Actually this book is the latest from Knutepunkt 2014 and is packed full of articles. In fact it is 200 pages of cool articles. This page gives you the download as a PDF and getting a copy is a veritable master-class on Larp (I’ve not finished the book yet but so far – very impressed and to the point that I will call it master-class).

I met the Blastersmiths at the What’s Your Game kit fair earlier this year and they did a great job of impressing me.  I liked their practical and no-nonsense approach to nerf-modding that was coupled for a g reat sense of fun and love of the subject. So if you are looking at including Nerf in your game and want to go beyond the standard kit this is a great place to go.

That’s it for this time. I hoped these links were good for you.

If you have a page you’d like to share let me know and it may well make the next 3 Cool Links


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