Between March and November this year UK cities will play host to the 2,8 hours later. This is an App directed LARP event where players face zombies at night in the streets of major cities. The game ran successfully last year. It is now back for a second year of zombie chasing terror.

Players represent groups of individuals trying to find essential supplies. Standing in their way are actors made up as zombies. Intent on marking their victims with a UV spray to show the passage of infection.

This is effectively a quest and chase game. it contains a storyline, players, monsters and ruleset. Effectively it is a LARP. But it is a Larp dressed up in a way to appeal to a mass audience. This is unusual. In the UK at least LARP is not seen as an activity with a popular following. Yet this use of tropes, publicity and technology does show something that all Larpers have long suspected. People like larp if its presented to them in a way they can easily assimilate. I don’t know if this game will mean more Larpers in the UK. Perhaps though more people will accept Larp when they discover it.

Interestingly the game has been well received in the local press – take a look at this

Meanwhile the first infected city is Cardiff (where I think the trailer was shot).

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