You may remember that a little ago students from the University of Westminster contacted LARPBook. They were looking to contact LARPers as part of a project about LARP as part of a third year project.

The result of which was a goodly number of useful contacts getting in touch with the Real People of LARP.

The project has now moved onto its next phase – filming the documentary. In order to do this the team need to raise some money and have turned to Kickstarter as a source of funding. Click on the widget to learn more about the Kickstarter project. The aims and objectives of the film are clearly laid out there.

Here is the Kickstarter Link

In addition there is a Facebook page for those who want to know more. The Facebook page is:

Why not take a look and get in touch. There aren’t many good LARP documentaries out there and I’m hoping that this one will become something special.

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