This is more of a question that a full fledged post. I’m putting together a review of the Larpcraft LARP system and I’ll most likely also take a look a Larpcrafts organisational structure – which is very interesting. However I’ve never played using the Larpcraft rules. This means that I can review the system as a set of rules. I can measure my views on them but I cannot add the depth that playing gives.

What I need is someone who has played at Larpcraft.

Have you?

What I am looking for are view of Larpcraft players. What does it feel like to be play a game or campaign in these rules?

If you contact me with your views I’ll incorporate them fully credited (or anonymous if you prefer) into a companion article to the review.

This will help LARPBooks readers get a better understanding of Larpcraft.

So do you Larpcraft?

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