This is a question faced by every LARP player at some point. Either before they start to play or later as they try to explain to someone else just what LARP is. It is not an easy question to answer, yet we all have to do it. I want LARPBook to be useful to everyone from aged veteran of many a LARP event to someone just exploring our lovely little acronym for the very first time. To help with this I’ve collected 3 videos that go some way to explaining not just what LARP is but which also go beyond the technicalities and into the feelings. LARP is more than just a definable game. It is a very emotional pursuit and I don’t think we can explore what LARP is without understanding how it makes us feel.

Before the videos a little from my on what LARP is – to me.

  • It is the hobby that has given me lifelong wonderful friends whom I would never have met otherwise
  • It allows me to do things that I never could do in any other context
  • It lets me write and tell stories
  • It lets me try my hand at acting
  • It sharpens my wits and teaches me to think on my feet
  • Its improved my organisational skills
  • It gives me a release from the trials and tribulations of my regular life and de stresses me.
  • It lets me have fun.
  • It gives me reason to travel to different places and see different things.
  • It makes me happy.


LARP to me is an incredibly positive thing.

So here are the videos – if you know of others please let me know. If you want to share what LARP is to you and what LARP is please do so.





Addendum – Not long after this post was published I was recommended the superb Co Je Larp. Details on this What is LARP follow up post

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