This is a question that at first is for British Larpers. Did you go to a game, fest or fayre over the recent Whitsun bank holiday? If so I am looking for photographs and reviews of events over that weekend so that LARPBook can do a retrospective UK LARP over the bank holiday. If you’d like to contribute let me know via the contact form and we can work out the details from there.

This brings me onto another point. Public holidays are good times for LARP in the UK – and I assume the same is true for most countries. Whilst the Spring Bank Holiday (Whitsun) is important in the UK for LARP events it is the end of August Bank Holiday when it feels as if most games are played. Outside of the UK I’m not so sure which holidays are most used for Larp events. So if you’re not in the UK would you like to share – which dates are the big LARP dates in your country. With any luck we can encourage more UK players to travel and LARP around the world.


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