When I started as a LARP player rules and background materials were always printed out. The same was true for event fliers. As time went on web pages replaced fliers and printed materials were distributed by PDF and committed to paper on demand.

I’m wondering if the PDF -which has done such a good job in allowing us to pass around perfect versions of printouts has perhaps met its nemesis.

Mobi files are the preferred files for ebooks that work on the Amazon Kindle range of e-readers. It is the most popular e-reader on the market today. More importantly it exists as a software platform that can run on the majority of smartphones and tablets.

That’s the quick technical introduction – it boils down to access to mobi ebook files is open to anyone with a modern phone, ┬átablet or computer.

Now the reasoning – why use ebooks?

First – I’m not saying to not use paper – there are some sites so rough where paper copies would be a good idea.

It strikes me though that as useful as the rules are – lots of players don’t spend a lot of time with the rules. Enough to participate in the game – but is that enough to justify a lot printed copies.

Clubs often update and revise their rules – learning more about getting things right from each event – that means old and out of date printed copies have to be thrown away.

I think the point I’m driving at is that ebook distribution is cheap and removes waste. Not everything can go on ebooks – when its suitable perhaps we should consider it.

LARP is all about creative thinking and as a group we have always embraced changes in technology. Perhaps that means that it is time to start releasing more material on ebook formats/


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