When I put out my request for reviews last week Ivan Zalac responded by giving me permission to republish reviews on his own site. In fact he just pointed out that everything he does is posted a creative commons licence. We both agree with the premise that knowledge about LARP should be free. You can learn more about this thoughts on this at http://www.crolarper.com/2012/10/larp-knowledge-must-be-free.html  In fact I recommend you read his blog – there is a lot of good material there.

Here is the first review – December 30th Krvomeđe

Photo by Ivan Zalac of the Kromede game

Yesterday’s Krvomeđe – the last battle larp (or larp of any kind) of this year – was one of the best incarnations of Krvomeđe I took part in ever. There were 9 players in total and the majority of players were new larpers who haven’t been to Krvomeđe before, so the atmosphere was very positive and excited. And the weather was good too. We played a variety of battle games – Capture the Flag being most popular, and we ran it three times to the score of five.

In the end, there was an 8-people long sword tournament, I placed second (I lost in the finals by Pavle, who by the way took these photos), after which most of us went for a drink.

Krvomede battle larp by Ivan Zalax

January will also be a busy month. Next Krvomeđe has been scheduled for January 20th, and next larp in general will be Terra Nova: Zimograd on January 11-13. Two days from now – on January 2nd – there will be an Ognjeni Mač general yearly assembly, where the new leadership (and OzOI) will be chosen

You can find the original post here: http://www.crolarper.com/2012/12/december-30th-krvomee-review.html

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