So here’s the big question – what is Larpbook?

It turns out to be a very open ended question. Larpbook is intended to become a growing and living book dedicated to all aspects of the LARP hobby. We could have called it LarpTome – but that would have been too fantasy centric. Although fantasy stories dominated LARP – they are not the sum of all things LARP.  That’s why we named this Larpbook. The book had to include everyone.

We call this a growing and living book. Yes that means it is a blog. We are hoping to become a blog, a gallery a news resource and a promotion platform.  We want to help LARP promote itself. We want groups to find members, and games to be filled. We shops to do well and everyone to be happy.

At this point in time – there is not a lot going on in Larpbook. This is early Larpbook, prelaunch , rough and ready. Over the coming months the site will get better. It will contain more and it will become useful. Please bare with us during these growing pains and what may be trying times.


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