We’ve decided to make LARPBook an open source project.

This means we hope it will be built by the LARP  community, for the LARP community. Our aim is to provide an open and international platform to enable discussion and assistance on all things LARP.

That’s why we are using a very plain looking GPL theme and open source software for the web site. It gives us a good software licensing position to start from.

Shortly we will be announcing the licensing model that all content will need to comply with. That way if you contribute you will have a clear licence for the publication of your work. The current thinking is to use Creative Commons licensing – we will firm that up with a policy page shortly.

There will also be a financial model put in place. At the moment the web site is being sponsored by Kashiko , but the aim is to make it financially independent.  The rough outline is all to pay all running costs and to then make reparations to contributors for their time only – we have no plans whatsoever to pay for work. All work must remain the copyright of its creator.

Once we have formally put these policies in place we will start looking for contributors and start looking for content.  The aim is to build a team that will make a great living, breathing LARP magazine.

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