LARPBook Show Episode 61: Tooth Out

Rob looses a tooth, we chat about a kit fair and you get to hear of the story of Luke being thrown around by the incredible hulk

Whats Your Game – Interview with Enys Coggles

Green Cloaks has burst onto the UK larp scene and expanded incredibly quickly. It's rise has been swift so you may be wondering what it is. If so then look no further as we had a chance to talk to Enys Coggles the larps creator at the What's Your Game kit fair. Also...

LARPBook Show Episode 60: Tea Spitting Good

Episode 60 combines a fantastic guest who is very active in UK larp. In addition we have a serious discussion on the ways of dealing with poor or abusive behaviour in a larp context. A call for Knutepunkt and a shout out of a U.S. larp. It’s a packed episode.

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