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LARP Genre

Adventure Fantasy

Who Creates The Characters?

The Player

On Average how tailored is the plot to characters

It Varies

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?

A huge array of races to tailor your character to, and all of them are heroes: no massive character progression, but focus on roleplay and light expansion of special trade skills

How Frequently do you run events

2 weekends a month, several mini-events player-driven

What are the facilities like?

Youth camp style, all necessary amenities such as separate beds, hot showers, toilets

Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work

New players arrive from their home planet, all in different ways, not realising what they will find.

Indigenous tribes, unfamiliar fauna and flora, wrathful demigods playing tricks on them – if they survive this ordeal, they may bump into more familiar groups from their home planet, or total strangers. Powerful allies or fearsome foes.

Their fate is the same, however – surviving this unwelcoming world. Either together or alone.

The existing players have been discovering this planet for a while, and scour it in one semi-coherent group. What will they think of the newcomers?

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