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In This Show

Two big things in this show. We have a special guest and new theme music.

The Guest

Our guest is James Snyder from Good Enough Films. He’s looking to create the pilot for a TV show (called Merican Wasteland) via Kickstarter. Interestingly though the show is inspired by the characters from a larp and the planned writing process is to harvest the ideas that flow from role=playing. It’s a fascinating idea – using the cooperative creativity that stems from role-playing.

I’d also like to add that James was a fantastic guest. He gave us a lot of information about his Kickstarter, the creative process he’s planning to harness and we had a fantastic chat about larp in general.

The live audience chimed in with some great questions and theseĀ  led us down the rabbit hole of larp moments and the differences between US and UK larp.

Links for Good Enough Films

Our New Music

We’ve had an upgrade in our music. It’s been composed for LARPBook by Bradley Parsons. Who is an independant musician.I think the work he’s done is absolutely first class and personally I’m looking forward to hearing what he’s written for us on our shows and videos.

If you you’d like to know more about Bradley you can get hold of him via Fiverr –

Upcoming Events

There’s quite a bit happening for us between now and the next show so here we go.

Luke is helping to organise the B.O.B. pirate festival. The plan is for a hearty and swashbuckling weekend of Pirate re-eactment, cosplay and to an extent larp.
It’s being held between 10th – 12th August 2018 at Llancaiach Fawr, in South Wales
There is also a Facebook page at:

Next are Rob’s next events to cover

The first is 80’s Post Apoc Madness. It’s after the apocalypse. 1980’s style. Look out for a blending of 80’s fashion, 2000AD, Mad Max and Neverwhere all wrapped up in a party. The event is being held at Fort Widley in Portsmouth. So that’s mad, nuked 80’s apocalypse all wrapped in a Napoleonic Fort. I’m looking forward to it

You can find out more at the Facebook event page:

Then its time to put on the combats and zoom over to Green Cloaks event 4. We have heard so much good about Green Cloaks that I am delighted to actually be going to an event. At this point it looks as if I am going to be playing a reporter (armed with a trusty blaster) and seeing what I can make of things.

Green Cloaks Event 4 is being held at August 10th – 12th at Broadstone Warren
You can learn more about Green Cloaks at:


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