Of Time Zones

In this episode we were due to be joined by Ryan Hart and Josh Knox of Sinking Ship Creations. Which would have been very appropriate as episode 65 was to see the completion of our latest prize draw. A ticket to the One Big Larp, Six Studios conference later this year. It turned out Ryan was an hour late so we talked and ran the prize draw regardless.

Now a guest from the USA being 1 hour late has happened before. In fact its happened more than once so I looked into why does Google give people the wrong time. I think you may like the answer. So I’ll take a moment to talk about it.

We live in the U.K. and as such we always think of ourselves as being on GMT. It’s the native Brits timezone of choice. Greenwich Mean Time – the start of all timezone calculations. That as it turns out is the problem. In the Summer we move clocks forward one hour for British Summer Time. In the UK we think of British Summer TIme as marking the start and end of Summer. However it turns out it does more.

That’s because since 1984 the standard for measuring time has been UTC (Universal Coordinated Time). That’s the standard Internet time beats too. Under UTC both GMT and BST are separate time zones. GMT is still the start of timezone calculations (UTC+0). BST however is UTC+1. It is one hour ahead of GMT.

So if you ask Google to show the time for GMT. You’ll only get the right time for half the year. For the other half you’ll be one hour behind.

So it looks like we need to apologise to our guests for saying we are on GMT. We should say we are on London time or UTC+0 or perhaps GMT in Winter and BST in summer.

Hopefully that explains all.

Sorry to our International guests

Our Competition Winner

The winner of our prize draw to win a ticket for  One Big Larp, Six Studios. Is  Gill Edgar. Gill we will be in touch shortly to arrange your ticket.

The Hour Long Conversation

Not counting the prize draw we had a good hour long conversation. This was massively aided by our wonderful chat room, Here is what we talked about

Thom needs Rico – Thom was unable to attend to a mysterious message about having a problem with a bug. We immediately thought of Starship Troopers and that perhaps Thom needed the Roughnecks to help him out.

Lukes purchase of an Emperor (8m) Bell Tent. A massive erection that looks more capable of housing a few tents (or zeppelins) inside it. Yes we made some fun but we also had a chance to talk tents and that was good

Brotherhood of the Black. This is a pirate festival that Luke is involved in the running in Nelson, South Wales this August. He gives a good accounting of what is planned

There was also a good bit of chat about our early Role Playing experiences.

All the rambling changed when Ryan came on

Ryan Hart

Ryan is from Sinking Ship Creations. He’s well known in Larp and an excellent thinker on the subject. We pretty much gave Ryan a platform to say what we wanted and what he had to say was fascinating. There was talk about how Larps interact in the US and also interactively. I was personally enthused as he came back with an idea that could actually save and international larp idea of my own that has been stuck in development hell. Thank you Ryan.

I’d recommend you watch Ryans segment if nothing else. Its well worth it


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Our thanks to Bell Tent Boutique for the picture of the Emperor Bell Tent

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