In this episode I’m absent following a tooth extraction. Of course the team take some time out of the show to have plenty fun with the idea of a mouth numbed Rob unable to talk or drink. (the swines!).

The team take quite a bit of time talking about their findings and experiences at this years What’s Your Game Kit Fair. Luke is having his eyes opened to larp beyond fantasy. There is  a lot of reminiscing about the fair, and the main thrust is that it is incredible and very highly recommended.

A larping group in the US have bought some new property. Do you want to know more: The team love stories about larping groups gaining property. It’s a great sign of the hobby maturing and growing that many larpers are now buying and running their own.

We also learn that Luke allegedly thinks that Gary Gygax is an incarnation of pure evil (sounds legit).

Which allows for a neat little segue into the terrors that guys have faced at the hands of D&D DM’s over the years.

And then

We also take a look at an article in Wired which looks at some ‘Hardcore’ ie – very well equipped larpers. If you’d like to know more take a look at this gallery:

A special mention must go to the chat room who were just great for this episode. Thank you.



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