Sometimes things at  LARPBook seem to be fated. A couple of weeks ago I notice the Black Stag channel on YouTube. It look good and I started following it; with a view to posting about. So did Stuart. He got in touch with Sonja who runs it and she in turn sent us some information (thank you Sonja). Meaning the gods of larp are saying that we have to talk about Sonja’s Adventures.

First off lets clear up the relationship between Black Stag and Sonja’s Adventures. They look to me as if they are the same thing, So search away for Sonjas Adventures or Black Stag. Better still – there will be plenty of links here so just click on those.

Sonja sent us the links to her 3 favourite videos. You’ll be seeing those in a moment (unless you are scrolling already).

Lets have a quick look at what is going on. Sonja is someone who was successful in her work, but it did not give her the life she wanted. Having something of an epiphany she traveled and realised that in this world you have to make life the way you want to it be. If something is wrong – change it. So when she got back home (to Germany), that’s just she did. To me that rocks.

One of the things she did was to start video blogging, and making videos about the larps she plays in. She’s also doing daily videos (awesome). The question is are they any good? You betcha! They are really good. Nicely shot, full of energy and packed with enthusiasm. You can tell that she is doing something she loves.

So I like them – and so does Stuart. So here is what we are going to do. Below are three of her favourites. Beneath these will be links to her YouTube Channel and Facebook Page.

Take a look I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Also just realised that I’ve used the word favourite a lot.

I’d just like to say thanks to Sonja for sending us her favourites and I really hope her channel just does better and better.

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