Episode 57 and it’s our September show. As has become a tradition we chat about the major long larp events that we attended in August. We started with Thomas

Balrog Games

Thomas spent 4 days at the ongoing annual campaign that is run by Balrog Games every August. His is a good description. Giving plenty of insight into what kind of game this is. This year the organisers set up the plot in such a way that players would have to play their characters in an inverse manner. That is good became evil and vice versa. Thom talks about what happened, and how the players handled it  That’s worth listening to as it is a gambit that must become tempting from time to time for games writers. It ways should be weighed against “how would my players cope with this”. In Thoms case the results were mixed.

Curious Pastimes

Stuart and I visited Curious Pastimes and as you might expect we waxed lyrical over how much we enjoy this game, its atmosphere, players and crew. For a full review of our visit click here, Personally I’m impressed by how a large number of plots all run concurrently whilst giving players the option to pick the level of immersion they want.


Then we moved onto what is likely to be the start of a bit of project for us. We want to turn our attention to the how different larps handle the period between events. Often called downtime.  Does  your larp allow for between event player actions? If it does do this how is it communicated between the ref team and other players. We would like to find out.

If you’d like to tell please send an email to [email protected]

Alternately we have a form for you here – please fill it in. We’ll also accept communication via Facebook.

The plan is a simple and very LARPBook one. We intend to collate information about Downtime. Publish case studies on how different larps do this and look for trends. We’ll also be bringing it into the discussion for a future show.



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