A couple of things to note here – first of all we have a new audio streamer that will allow you to play not just this podcast but others as well. Enjoy the back catalogue!

The Flem Paradox is not about weird things in Netherlands larp. Though we would like to try those. It is instead a light hearted take on the fact that Rob does this podcast trying to avoid talking due to persisting flu like symptoms. However the PP of Phelgm Paradox sounds far too like an entry in the Marvel Cinematic universe.  So we had to go with Flem.

Recorded on  August the 8th this show is just days after an illness aborted attempted to get to the Lorien Trust Summer Moot in the UK.  I think this may have to be a future topic to consider. “What happens when a larper is ill?”. Obviously play stops but will there be a knock on effect at the event in question. Is there is how should this be managed by the games organisers.

This being our August show we get into stride of talking does and don’ts for people going into the field for a large camping larp. We tend to do this every year and if you listen to the show you’ll get our views on such things as camping and essential equipment / kit to take.

Time was spend on another topic that we will have to look at in more detail. That is weapons safety checking. Once upon a time the a weapons safety check really asked the questions – is the weapon likely to break in use and become dangerous? And is it to solid – will hitting someone with this do harm?

Good measures and ones that all weapons checks should stand by. However we are currently seeing a rise in weapons inclusion or exclusion by brand or model. I’m thinking hear of items made by brands such as Calimacil and the new Epic Armoury Hybrid ranges. These employ moulded foam and tend to be harder than traditional construction methods. This means that a new sword may be considered safe by one group and not by another. Its a confusing situation that needs to be examined. In the show we highlight the differences in UK fest larps but we may be reaching a point where equipment buyers will need buy different equipment for use with different groups. Not in itself a massive problem in of itself but one that could trip up newcomers to the hobby and life more complex and expensive for all.

This episode also sees another test of going live on Facebook. It seems likely that broadcast live on Facebook will be medium of choice in the future.

Finally – one last thing we have a new email address it is [email protected]. Use this address and your message will be forwarded to the best person to deal with it. Usually this is Rob if it is to do with the web site and Stu if its all about the show.



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