Ok so today is Saturday and time in is at 10am. Saturday and Sunday at this event are running from 10am till 2am.

For me the day started with posting the first diary and then getting over to the Wolves encampment to prepare for a planned skirmish that is part of the factions plot.

Going into this faction in the morning was something a little bit special. I’m still getting to grips with my character. I’m staying out of direct combat for medical reasons but that doesn’t stop me casting spells and supporting people in a ruck. One thing I realise is that if this was my full weekend role (as opposed to role playing and blogging), then I’d be writing up spell books and interacting more with the factions lead spell casters. The camp is set up to support new players. So once people get to know you are knew offers of help come in.

I was there for all the built up for the skirmish. There were tactical briefings, weapons checks, quick guides and also some really good story telling. In fact the story telling was first class and really helped set up the atmosphere

It was atmosphere that was the overwhelming feel of the camp. It was morning and people were cooking food, eating, relaxing and sorting out the start of the day. There was worrying about loved ones going into battle and bravado from the fighters. This felt like a real community come together for a purpose and preparing for a difficult task ahead.

Then there was the battle. The battles have been fast and furious. There are character deaths. But in an appropriate fashion. In this event the players have been storming their nemesis and that has led to tough fights. Very tough and hard one fights. That feels like the game is not being given away. Progress is being earned the hard way and that makes things satisfying.

After which it was time for a break and then a a little shopping (good prices to be found), and putting my photo head on. First period of full day light. The game did not disappoint. Lots of great costuming, people practising and also a good skirmish.

After that a beer was needed.

Good use is being made of the Crimson Moons permanent tab service. We’ll have to discuss this at some time as it really is a great service to larpers.

The day progressed with in game rituals. Seeing different parts of the event and also looking at the results of the rest of the media crew. Later on we had a really good chat about larps and weapons checking. A few terrifyingly dangerous weapons had turned up for the day.

That was also the end of roleplaying for the day for me as Stuart arrived early and we retired to the bar for few drinks and too catch up on things

The Photos


The Video Diary

Our apologies about this video coming out a slightly wrong. We’ll be fixing this at a later date but for some reason Facebook decided to put a video recorded in landscape orientation to portrait.

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