First of all I want to say a big thank you to Curious Pastimes for giving us full access to their events. In particular Renewal. This is our first full year at Renewal. Last year we arrived late due to a Pirate Festival related injury.

For those of you out of the UK or who may not know Curious Pastimes run a professional campaign. They are one of the UKs largest larp companies and focus on 4 fest larps every year. Renewal takes place during the end of August bank holiday.

We’re been given a place in crew. Let me tell you that Curious Pastimes treats their crew well. There are allocated crew accommodation areas, a crew canteen that keeps the crew fed and watered, and also work areas for people working during the game, This includes the considerable media crew. Curious Pastimes takes some care in making sure there is plenty of good quality video and imagery associated with the event.

That’s the background.

How is the event going so far?

Well I mentioned the crew canteen. Well I’ve been well fed so that is a plus. The weather is warm. Fingers crossed on it staying that way. So far its been all about the setup. Crew furiously building and preparing props. Other crew running making sure everything is in place and the games operation office dealing with a stream of issues.

In other words its all hands on deck.

I’ve been testing out my video recording capability and getting a feel for the site.

Its all about the prep, and that is just the morning

Afternoon is more of the same. Time in is 7pm. Only a few people in costume early. Most are wandering around getting things done in jeans and T-Shirts. I made the rookie mistake of early costume. So got out of that.

There is a small and vibrant traders market. Lots of very nice kit up for sale and I’ve lined up some video interviews. We’ll be starting to shoot thee on Sunday. So seeing as is Friday I am afraid to say there will be a little wait.

In terms of game prep I have a new character freshly generated.

So far I am liking that I can take this day at my own pace.

So we hit time in with an enormous battle as factions fought their way onto site. Once on people settled into their own factions and the non combat role-play absolutely settled in. People also settled into the food vendors and the bar. Its a friendly easy to get involved with people atmosphere.

I’ll talk more about the layout of the event in later posts – that needs a bit more time of its own. For now though I have some photos and a video diary for you.

The Photos

This first set of images is just a couple of scenes from throughout the day. There are some photos of the crew setting up – but I’ll avoid these until the event is over.

The Video Diary Part 1

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