In the run up to this episode of the podcast I’d published an article about using physical force during a larp.  The response to us posting about this in a couple of Facebook groups was both immediate and interesting. As I’d suspect there are multiple points of view on this topic within the larping community.  At this he point of writing this I’m drawing to the conclusion that this is something with no absolute answer. That’s why I believe there will be other articles in the future.

But I digress the feedback gave us to devote this episode to the singular topic of physicality in larp. For a lot of the show it’s expressed as combat; but the principles remain the same in or out of a fighting context.

I have to apologise for the technical difficulties we faced in this episode regarding bringing Luke in. We’d been expecting him to join us from an undisclosed location in London via a good Internet connection, It turns out that terrible Internet was something that was not previously disclosed to Luke. As a result we’ll be reprieving the points in this show with Luke as he is our regular Health and Safety expert. Having talked to Luke at some length on this topic I feel that you may be surprised by some of the answers.


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