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Episode 53 and we cram more people into our chat room than ever before. That’s a grand total of 4 guests and 3 presenters. We start on two presenters as Rob arrived late due to travel getting in the way of getting online.


Our guests were

  • Alessandro Giovannucci
  • Oscar Biffi
  • Maria Guarneri
  • Chiara Locatelli

What they have in common is being part of the Italian Southern way of writing larps and membership to the same larping organisations. If you’d like to know more – take a look at these links

This turned the show into an exploration of the Southern Way of writing larps, an understanding of Cresceno Giocoso (The Book), and coverage of New Atlantis. We got to find out the state of Italian larp and a little about how the thoughts of Italian and UK larpers differ, We also strayed into “what is a chamber larp”. In the UK we have no rule larps; but chamber larp is less common  – so it was worthwhile to have a discussion about this.

There was a nice celebration when we heard that on the day of broadcast Crescendo Giocoso had made its KickStarter target.

After this we ran a segment on upcoming UK Larps. Before I list these I also need to mention that Larp Events is looking to list larps in countries beyond the UK.  So if you are not in the UK but want to be part of a growing larp resource then please contact: http://www.larpevents.co.uk/

June 2nd – June 4th 2017

Frail Realities
Consall Scout Camp
Blakely Lane
ST10 2PS
United Kingdom

June 17th 2017

Single Day Adventure
Neothera Saga
Woodburry Common

June 2nd – June 4th 2017

Lost and Found E1: Road to Nowhere
Contact Info [email protected]

June 30th – Jul 2nd 2017

Ascendancy LRP
Merthyr Mawr Road
Merthyr Mawr
CF32 0LS

June 2nd – June 4th 2017

Erda: Event II – Infestation Location Giants Seat Ringley Road West Radcliffe Manchester Greater Manchester M26 1EW

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Main image on this post taken from the New Atlantis Website.

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