Some of you may have noticed that it is January 10th and there has yet to be a podcast from us. Making this our longest Christmas break since the show started. The big question you may well have is why? The other question might be; is the show over?

Well let’s address the 2nd question – NO! The show is most definitely on. After all it must go on. We are however taking a week or two to adjust things a little.

Here is our updated plan.

We are intending to do at least 1 show a month that is an hour or more long. More or less in the familiar format.

This gives us the time to do the following:

  • Outdoor broadcasts from Larps and similar events
  • Short discussions on the news or topic of the moment
  • Personal Video blogs centred around or lives in larp
  • Product tests
  • How to Videos
  • Us taking on and trying things out.

In other words a whole lot of cool stuff that all being well will be more focused, fun and useful than the twice a month round table discussion.

We will be happy to take suggestions for the new series of shows. We’ll be happy to visit larps or try out kit.

If think this sounds interesting and want to talk about it relation to your larp, or what you do around larp then use the contact form, message us on Facebook or send an email to


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