Welcome to the first show of 2017. The first show in our new format of one long, and several short. Episode 49 is pretty much an extended discussion about the use of technology in running a LARP. It’s fascinating and our special guest Matthew Webb is incredibly well informed.

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In this show

AR…..no not pirates, Augmented Reality – we talk to Matthew Webb of Incognita Limited. We include all of the talking points and generally have a great time looking at this topic

In February Rob and Stu are off to “Whats Your Game…… Kit Fair” more about this in the show notes.

Talking Points

Matthew Webb (Incognita Limited)

  • The Planetfall augmented reality game, how it started, how it works
  • World of Darkness Berlin and how they hired us for a new way of doing * widespread character creation for one-shot games *
  • What the future of LARP and technology is
  • How game organizers can leverage technology
  • Using livestreaming at games for promotional purposes


If you’d like to know more about Planetfall here is the website: http://www.prepareforplanetfall.com/

There are a number of videos to support the game. Here is a playlist of the material about the settings history: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBTcUVAqJRQqXrjfBhS9nivFVIQuNWhU5

The use of an App to accurately track resources has enabled Planetfall to have an actual running game economy. If you are interested in virtual or in game economies then this book comes highly recommended.
Virtual Economies: Design and Analysis (Information Policy): Design and Anaysis

Matthew is also working with World of Darkness: Berlin to support their larp Enlightenment in Blood with his technology.

Want to see the Dagorhir that was mentioned? Here it is:



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In the meantime Rob and Stu will be attending:

Whats Your Game Kit Fair 2015
Feb 4th – 5th
Blackfriars Lane

On February 4th. If you’re at the event please come over , say hi and have a chat. If you’d like to know more about this fair then here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/events/825019300931355/

This is the 5th year of a cool day of kit, cosplay, and combat


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