As you may have noticed over the past few months I’ve been on a bit of a quest to figure out how to build a practical walking stick that is by and large LARP Safe.

Well as the crude picture above suggests – I may well have a design. Couple of points you need to understand first.

  1. Its based on a design from Ian Knope of Larp Kit. Not my own idea.
  2. I haven’t built one yet – I’m not much of a weapon / staff maker. I hope to get round to this – but would love to collaborate with someone who really knows how to make stuff.
  3. Before embarking on making something like this talk to the club / company you intend to use it at. It seems to me that this design will not be universally accepted every where.

Let’s start off with Ians description on how to build one of these. This is the description he sent me.

Basically putting a walking stick “bung” the end of a rod, rather than the standard foam bobble is how they’re made, most weapon manufacturers should be able to replicate the idea. 🙂

So the idea is that you follow pretty much the standard instructions for making a staff but use a walking stick tip (aka a Ferrule), to create an end.

Ferrules are easy to get and come in a range of size, shapes and qualities. Often in a pack or more than one. This is a link to an Amazon page containing these. So you can idea of size and price.

One problem you may find is that the receiving hole in a walking stick is quite large compared to most Larp weapon cores. This means you’ll need to source a wide rod. I’ve done a little bit of research and found some people in the foamsmithing community favouring light weight “flag poles”. This is a U.S. reference that you may find useful. The poles seem reasonable and come with “crutch” ends that look like they may make good walking stick ends.

Another option would to simply take a wide core and good ferrule and use “packing” material to ensure a good and solid fit. Be aware that this really has to be tight fit!

That puts the tip on the core. Making the staff would now be the same as making any other larp safe pole or staff.

Except for one wrinkle. I want to make sure these are safe. Part of the safety is going to come from  usage. My idea here is to place a walking “head” at the top. This is a larp safe top designed to be used as the top of the stick. I suspect this will have to be quite small in order  to take the pressure of weigh bearing. Then at the mid point and the near the base I suggest two leather or similar grips. The idea here is simple. The grip placement push you towards keeping the ferrule away from your opponent if you use this stick for offence or defence. Hopefully reducing the chances of anyone being hit in the head by hard rubber.

So that’s it for the design. I’d love to hear from anyone who builds one of these, or from anyone who can improve on this idea for a design.

In case your using a phone or tablet. Click here to download the image at the top of this post so you can see the design in the entirety of its crudeness

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