Event Start Date: 30th Sept 2016

Event Finish Date: 2nd October 2016

Location: Huntley Wood near Stoke on Trent

Contact Email: [email protected]

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1113893321954569/


Event Description:

The year is 873AD, and Britain stands divided. From the North the Danes of the Great Heathen Army under Ivan the Bonesless and Halfdan have smashed through Northumbria, killing the King and putting the puppet King Ecgberht on the throne before sweeping through East Anglia and Mercia. All that sands between them and complete control of the Saxon Kingdoms is Wessex under the newly crowned Alfred.

But Alfred is no fool, and having used the truce he signed last summer, is sending out raiding parties of his own to gather resources and build his strength. He knows the Peace will fail, and war will follow as night follows day.

You are part of Alfred’s army, the last free folk in these islands. It is time to stand, whether you are Pagan or Christian, Monk or Housecarl, Cunning Folk or Priest. There is a line in the earth England and the Heathen must not prevail

Join us, then, for the great struggle ahead to determine the future of the Anglo-Saxon world

This is very much a coolthentic LRP; we are not looking to create a LRP-cum-re-enactment so much as explore the divergent world of Anglo-Saxon England as it might have been, not necessarily as it was. Heavily inspired by the Beowulf saga, and the historical facts, along with a healthy dose of magic and imagination we’re hoping to create heroes worth of great tales….



Player places are currently sold out for event 1 – however there is a need for more crew.

If you’d like to find out more about crewing this game please visit the crew group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1691338087775862/

There are plans for more events next year!


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