Contact Name: Jon Pitchford

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Group Name: Altered Reality

Group Website:

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Describe Your Game Genre: Altered Reality (AltRe) is a post apocalyptic zombie survival set in the UK, however, unlike many similar settings, the apocalypse has only just happened. We are a mixture of Walking Dead, Fallout and Left for Dead.

Who Creates Characters: The Player

How Much Plot is Tailored to individual Characters?: A Lot

How Long Has the Group Been Running For?: We started recently, in 2015, however the Ref team have decades of experience of writing successful and popular larp events.

What Makes Your Events Friendly to New Players?:

We are a low fuss game, player can turn up with a t shirt and jeans and still fit in with the game world. Our goals are to make a low cost player focused event, however, we are constantly building on the props and set dressing to make a world which people can not only get totally immersed in, but also help change!

How Frequently do you run events and for a players what is the commitment level to attend all events like?:

Each year we have one main gathering event, which represents the coming together of all survivors to trade, chat and make plans. From 2017 we have additional high-risk adventure events which will help drive the story forward.
In 2015 we had 40 players, in 2016 we have 50 and hopefully this will increase further over the next few years!

Typically What Are the Facilities Like at your Game Sites?: The events are 24 hour time in, self catered camping. There are showers and toilets available for all players. We welcome non-combatants.

Finally Tell us anything else you would like to about Your Game World, and How Your Events Work:

The world has changed. Two and a half years ago, technology failed, society collapsed and millions starved. Many of the survivors of the rioting and unforgiving first winter then fell to a virus, an unnatural disease that kept the body alive but destroyed the mind. Those few who remained began to fight over the few remaining resources.

However, there are some shining beacons of humanity scattered across the country. Places where simply waking up is not punctuated by the screams of the dying, either at the hands of Raiders, Shamblers, or something worse. Safety from the disease, starvation and jealousy. Such places are few, but as the world becomes more dangerous, we look to rebuild.

Come, take your place by the fire, share your story and live to fight another day.

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