In this episode WiFi mutes Rob as he relies on chat and Thom can’t believe what he is hearing. Also we trial new system for putting the show together.

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  • Worst LARP injury you’ve witnessed?
  • Help Me LARPBook
  • LARP Bitch Fest
  • Larp Pages
  • Frail Realities

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Worst LARP injury you’ve witnessed?

Stuart found a thread on Reddit that discussed larping injuries. You can find the full entry here:

And here those mentioned in the show

guy running through the woods away from a group of orks, took a thin branch to the eye, it got trapped under the eyeball and snapped off.
He made a full recovery

A javelin and then arrow to the balls within 30 seconds of each other. A few hours later I went to the ER as a blood clot caused by bruising started moving through my testes. Oh, it hurt. Wear a cup!

I haven’t really seen anything too bad – I dislocated my shoulder once, but generally the organisers are pretty good with minimising risk as much as possible so there aren’t too many injuries.

Knee hit with a mace from the side. Guy could barely walk.

The LARPBook Team ask what injuries have they witnessed.

Help Me LARPBook

So without going into too much detail, there’s two people in our LARP group who are the epitome of 30-year-old high school mean girls. I’d say a full 70% of their non combat time is spent needling the unpopular, ugly, or awkward players. Just anyone they think they can get away with making feel like shit, really. The other 30% is spent ingratiating themselves to those in power so they don’t get in trouble. I’m friendly across factions to everyone that plays my game but I can’t find it in my heart to be friendly to them, I hate how they treat people weaker than them.

I’ve tried bringing up their behavior to the player rep but there’s not a lot they can do since these women haven’t broken any rules. I’ve also appealed to their sense of profit (“They’re turning away new players!”) but that’s not quite true, the new players keep coming back despite the way they’re treated.

What else can I do to keep them away from me and mine?

We discuss what to do about bullying.

LARP Bitch Fest

The hosts love LARP but it can drive us mad and this new segment let’s us bitch about something we hate in larp.

This episode – being asked to be out of character,  games overly focussed on one character and having to wait for long periods of time for action.


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Frail Realities – In the footsteps of glory – a week long larp
Sun, 24 July, 00:00 – Sun, 31 July, 00:00

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