I’ve recently run into two sets of rules. One is an updated rule book for the Croatian Terra Nova LARP. This book is published on Google Docs and according to old friend of LARP Book Ivan Zelac – anyone can make use of it.

The second is a general set of rules of romance in free form Larps.

So that’s two very different premised but since both are potentially very useful its only right that we link to them.

So here is the first of them. The full set rules of Terra Nova. This link gives you the version 2 Beta 3 set of rules. These are current at the time of writing.

Link to Terra Nova rules.

Next we turn to the blog Four Letters At Random. These include a method to specify a characters in game position to sexuality and then follows this up with suggestions on how to play romance.

Link to Romance Rules.

I hope that you find these useful.



The image used in this article is a simple crop of Flickr user Phil Roeder’s image of Recipes. You can learn more about this image and its licence here.

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