In this episode Rob plays with the worlds smallest lightsaber, Luke drinks beer and Thom fears an anal probing.

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  • A Question about issues surrounding Immersion
  • Larp Safe Lightsaber!
  • Larp World Magazine!
  • We hit 100 Twitterers!
  • This Years Thing
  • What Makes a Good Monster?



We have recieved a message from Matthew Mevis

I have a question for LARP owners/plot directors.

I’m a 17-year vet of a handful of US LARPs with another 10 years of tabletop before that. Most of that time I’ve run games, in fact nearly exclusively running. My issue is when I go to the other side of the screen, as it were, I can’t get into the psychology and emotion of game. The best example I can give is that I’ve run games too long and I can’t see anything beyond the code of the Matrix, as it were.Have I utterly damaged my ability to achieve immersion, or are there some tips and techniques I can use to repair this issue?

The LARPbook team discuss this and come up with answers



A Larp Safe Lightsaber!

LARP World Magazine

The Magazine is due soon – but for now here is its Facebook Group


This Years Things – The Hill Fort

Not a larp event – but seriously what is cooler than building a hill fort

What Makes A Good Monster?

The LARPBook team try and figure out what makes a good monster.




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