Shards of Massagon is a Virginia based LARP that serves players from all over the central east coast. We operate as a LLC organization dedicated to providing our players with a lively, gritty game world, a great deal of depth, roleplay, and fun.

Your Game System:

Shards of Massagon LARP LLC has employed over a hundred of years of combined LARP experience and thousands of hours of creation time to build a well-honed system to express combat in our fantasy world. It has been a labor of love that grew from an idea to a 15 man build team over the course of nearly a decade. Honest time and dedication, testing and player response has in the end created a thoroughly tested system that, when employed properly, can enhance story elements of the game without interrupting flow and pacing. We proudly call this system the Conflict System.

Your Game World:

Starting a character in Shards of Massaong LARP can be daunting at the outset, but rewarding at the end. The wold of Massagon is old, rich, and full of hidden secrets that can leave you digging for deeper and deeper understanding while hungering for more.

Your Play Style:

In Shards of Massagon LARP, we have a specific design intent for character growth and interaction. The balance of the Quintessial Arts is towards Player vs. Environment, not Player vs Player. It should be known that we balance the game against the classes and vice versa. A character’s power growth tends to be sharp at the outset and levels off in favor of variety in the long run, with the ability for players to recreate many archetypal themes! There is NO penalty for multi-classing, and it is strongly encouraged.

When Are Your Games:

Shards of Massagon hosts weekend game events once per month in Virginia (United States).
Contact Details:

Contact Name: Shard New Player Team
Contact Email: [email protected]



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