You have noticed from the two badges that today have appeared on the site that we now have channels on Twitch.TV and YouTube.

I’ll just talk about these for a moment to let you know what is going on. Ever since we started the Podcast earlier this year our presenters have felt that video would add something to the presentation (apart from being able to see our faces). It would let us show and do more than we can on an audio only broadcast. That said the Podcast is staying and we aim to make sure that always works when you are listening to it. Listening offers much more flexibility than viewing. We also want to be true to our Podcast listeners.

So over the last couple of months we’ve been testing different ways of adding YouTube and Twitch. We’ve also had a good long look at live audio streaming too. Live audio hasn’t happened yet – but live video has.

Our first experiment was on Sunday May 31st – with one presenter limping in from a LARP event and another ducking into view whilst trying to avoid unpacking his car following a holiday. Despite this the show was fun and the format seemed to work. We will of course try to improve things in the future.

These channels will be used for the current podcast and any other Larping related shows we can come up with. There is also the possibility of one off videos on the YouTube channel – and this would allow us to add custom video more easily to the website.

So looking to the future lots of talking, writing and video to come your way.

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