have put together a series of videos that explore practical aspects of LARP as told by characters. That’s right not by players but by their characters. I often find this approach somewhat cringe worthy. However this time it is not the case.

Each episode is lead by a single character who has a supporting cast to add comments and bring banter into play. In effect we have role-played episodes about role-play. I kind of like that. The fact that plenty of humour is evident throughout each episode really helps. I don’t think putting this kind of material straight would work. Having humour coming from well known characater types – that’s better.

The content itself if an attempt to guide a new player through the basics – what a larp is , preparing a character for play, and getting ready to go to an event. Although this is made in the US I didn’t feel the strong US bias that I often do when looking at material from across the pond. Instead it is just good sensible advice that could be applied to almost anyway.

There is also nice concern as to how LARP is portrayed in the media. The episode on costuming handles this particularly well. There is a definite trend here towards a more UK / European approach rather than the  terrible image of youths in park charging at each other carrying rudimentary looking swords.

Perhaps the biggest downside is that the series seems to have petered out after only 4 episodes. It would have been nice if it had continued further. However as a starting guide you really could do worse.

 You can see the entire series if you click here

And as you’ve no doubt noticed – the first episode is at the head of this post.

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