This all started a few weeks back when a good friend tried to embarrass me on facebook by finding old scribe covers that I happened to be on. After a good chuckle it led me to root out of the cupboard my copies of the 1990’s LRP magazine and have a nostalgic browse. Being friends with Caroline Stuckey and going to many of the events she was reviewing had led to a sense of involvement with many of the articles and I really enjoyed each copy. There were interesting articles on making kit, adverts for other systems I had never heard of, places to buy kit from. It was an exciting time for larpers, Second Skin were leading developments in weapon making and LRP was branching out into other eras as well as fantasy.

From paper to web – So as I browsed through I realised just how much hard work Caroline and her team had put into it, and if I had loved it so much probably a lot of other people did too. But the era of the paper magazine was over, the costs and time involved would be too much for an amateur to contemplate, but what about a blog?  I didn’t know for sure if people would be bothered , so at first I worked away at it in secrecy. I enlisted my partner JB and sounded out a few friends in a FB group and, suitably encouraged, I contacted Caroline to ask for her blessing. Thankfully she was flattered and thought it was a great idea…so here we are.

It’s quite tricky to convert it to a blog in some ways, obviously the old magazine worked by gathering money from advertising to pay for time and printing. But the adverts were specific to the hobby and therefore actually useful to the readers. The blog option for raising funds is advertising, but sadly this would be any old random stuff and we want to avoid that! On the other hand it would be so nice to have a directory of goods and services for LRP…we will think on it.

Ethos – So it will, for the time being stay small, although we both work full time we try to put at least 2 articles a week in. Some will be event reviews, but many just the general world of LRP. We are working on archiving the covers and index pages of the old magazine and noting owners of copies so that interested persons could contact us to get access. We always try to properly reference photographs and content and our only other rule is that we will never knowingly be negative about our hobby.

I hope you will pop by from time to time for a read!

The Editors – Sam Goldsmith & Justin Bird


Please Note: This article was written by Sam Goldsmith & Justin Bird and the New Scribe logo is used courtesy of the New Scribe. Personally I’d like to wish Sam and Justin all the best luck and I hope the New Scribe has great success – Rob


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