LARPBook is starting its own project that is a little bit ambitious. That is to create a set of LARP Rules that will be published under a creative commons licence, and be free for anyone to use .

My aim is to create a set of rules that will follow a series of basic principles

  1. Will not bog the players down with rules and where possible will vanish into the background
  2. Will provide a framework for skill resolution
  3. Will provide a framework for dispute resolution
  4. Will provide a framework for fair play
  5. Can be adapted to a wide range of genres.

I suspect that principle 5 will require some sort of modularity or scaling aspect to be built in as the range of genres available in LARP are large.

At the moment the rules are unwritten but a small time exists on the LARPBook Facebook page that are ready to start the task. You can find the group at

It is an open project so please feel free to join.

The project will be run via social media. At the moment LARPBook only has a presence on Facebook but as the we expand our social media pages I am sure that other networks will be included.

Once the project is completed the rules will be given a download page on LARPBook. All contributors will be given credit and I am hoping we can create something useful for the community.




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